Beverly Hills Domestic Violence Attorney
Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, Defends Domestic Abuse and Violence Cases

It happens more often than you’d think. A family argument becomes heated, perhaps after a few drinks. Someone crosses the line and a blow is struck. A member of the household or a well-meaning neighbor calls the police. Suddenly an incident that should have been handled “in-house” is a matter for the courts. You’re worried about details of your private life becoming public, about a stigma attaching and affecting your personal and professional relationships.

In these types of cases, clients are oftentimes embarrassed to discuss the incident. They are concerned about their neighbors, friends, and relatives learning of the arrest and making judgments based upon the arrest and/or rumor. Some degree of discreetness is necessary here. Of course, there are those situations where one is arrested based upon the word of a disgruntled or angry spouse or live-in friend, or significant other. Not all cases, especially cases of alleged abuse, or domestic violence, should one immediately believe the allegation. Just as a victim of domestic violence is justifiably entitled to receive justice and to be treated with dignity, so too is the person who is allegedly the perpetrator.

Like all cases, just don’t rush to judgment. That is the message that the defendant should deliver to the prosecutor when the attorney’s client denies the allegation. Sometimes cases call for a preemptive course of action. Sometimes cases call for immediate action so as to resolve misunderstandings or misperceptions. An experienced Beverly Hills defense attorney knows when to move forward and when to defer.