Beverly Hills DUI Attorney
Retain the Aggressive Defense You Need

Were you or someone you love recently charged with drunk driving? You need to take immediate action to prevent losing your driver’s license and ward off the much worse consequences that a conviction can bring. A Beverly Hills DUI lawyer from my firm can offer you the legal advice you need and fight vigorously on your behalf to challenge you DUI, no matter the specifics of your case.

At Jay Jaffe, A Professional Corporation, I have defended drivers against DUI charges for more than 40 years. I understand how a reasonable person can easily be mistaken about whether he or she is “good to drive,” and I work to ensure that person receives every benefit of every doubt. I’m familiar with the technical limitations of chemical testing and am prepared to uncover any irregularities in the forensic evidence presented against you. I closely scrutinize police reports and question officers to determine whether there was probable cause to make a stop in the first place.

What do I stand to lose from a conviction?
Your first DUI conviction can come with the following penalties:

  • A $390 fine with over $1,000 in other penalty assessments
  • 48 hour jail sentence or 90-day license restriction
  • Additional 4-month license suspension by the DMV
  • Mandatory attendance at a 3-month alcohol-treatment program for blood alcohol of .20% or higher

These represent the minimum penalties form a first DUI and assume no bodily injury results from any accident which may have occurred.

I can Challenge Forensic Evidence & Introduce Reasonable Doubt

Forensic evidence is only as good as the methods and devices used for gathering and measuring it. Breathalyzers must be maintained regularly. Blood and urine evidence must be collected, stored and processed according to strict protocols. Any lapses in the handling of chemical evidence can and should introduce reasonable doubt. When it comes to forensic evidence, as a seasoned Beverly Hills DUI attorney I challenge the prosecution’s case on every link in the chain of custody.