Beverly Hills Defense Attorney, Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, Defends all Felony and Misdemeanor Crimes

Something happened. You didn’t plan on it, you didn’t think it through, or you didn’t think anything would come of it. But what came of it was an arrest, so you’re facing criminal charges. Now the reality is sinking in and you’re wondering what can be done to limit the damage. You can’t let your life be ruined, but at this point you have no control over the situation. The next decision is the most important of your life: whom do you hire to represent you?

Staunch defense for the wrongly accused from misdemeanors to murder

Our criminal defense system is founded on the principle that an accused in presumed innocent. A client who maintains his or her innocence needs a skilled trial lawyer with a record of success before a judge and jury. I have more than 40 years of experience defending criminal cases. I am the only criminal defense attorney in Beverly Hills to have tried six cases of murder with special circumstances to verdict. I have handled some very noteworthy cases in Los Angeles and surrounding counties, including:

  • People v. Williams (double murder case)
  • People v. Mothershed (San Fernando Christmas Eve murder case)
  • People v. Miller (West Hollywood Parkway murders)
  • People v. Vasquez (“Burrito” murder case)
  • People v. Woodman (“Ninja” or “Yom Kippur” murder case)
  • People v. Ross (Southside murder case)
  • People v. Thomas (murder of two Compton police officers)
  • People v. Kopatz (murder of family members)

However, most of my clients are just ordinary people who, because of an immature impulse, a momentary weakness or substance abuse issue, have gotten in over their heads. Now they’re facing serious consequences: costly fines, jail time and a criminal record that could affect their current and future employment.

I understand that you don’t consider yourself a criminal, and I work to ensure the court will see you as you see yourself. My reputation for integrity and credibility goes a long way in in my efforts to resolve your case to your satisfaction.