Beverly Hills Defense Attorney, Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, Defends Insurance Fraud Cases

In difficult economic times, even generally honest people are tempted to take desperate measures to get out from under a crushing debt, salvage something from a failing business or rake extra profit from a large, impersonal agency. A common scheme is insurance fraud, an attempt to collect on a policy by filing a false claim. There are as many fraud schemes as there are types of insurance: life insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance, business or home insurance policies can all be manipulated for unjust enrichment. If you have been accused of bad faith insurance fraud, you face felony charges that could result in significant jail time and high fines while destroying your family, your reputation and your career.

I provide aggressive defense against charges of insurance fraud. As a skilled criminal defense attorney with more than 40 years of experience, I know what is required to construct a case for fraud and how to rebut each of the elements the prosecution must prove. I work closely with you, lending emotional support as I construct a detailed defense. I am always available and accessible as your case moves forward. There are no hopeless cases for me — I do everything I can to uncover and bring to light evidence that supports you.

Defense against charges of conspiracy to commit insurance fraud

Although it’s possible for one person acting alone to commit insurance fraud, some schemes involve two or more persons acting in concert. Conspiracy exists when two or more parties agree on a plan to defraud an insurer and then take some action in furtherance of the plan. One person agrees to “steal” a friend’s car, an associate accepts cash to torch someone’s bankrupt business, or a patient signs off on his doctor’s fraudulent billing of Medicare. Given the nature of conspiracy laws, it’s easy for an innocent person to be targeted in a sweeping investigation. I provide the comprehensive defense that only an experienced trial lawyer can, challenging the prosecution’s circumstantial evidence to undermine their case against you.